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About Your Potluck

My name is Monique Singhroy. I'm an Emmy Award winning TV Producer and Writer.

Having been in the business for over 20 years,
I was always too busy to to do many of things I love like cooking and creative writing. It wasn't until I moved to the East End of Long Island that I finally had the time to pursue my other interests.  I truly feel blessed to be living out here. 

The East End includes 
The Hamptons, Montauk, as well as the North Fork. Both forks have some of the most amazing scenery, including some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but there's also miles of farmland, vineyards, wetlands, plus a rich clamming history that continues to this day.

When I moved out east and realized I was surrounded not just by the bounty of the sea, but also the local farms and vineyards, as well as hundreds of years of history, I couldn't wait to explore my new environment.

That's what this blog is about.  Living, exploring, discovering, news, food, history and sharing those experiences. It's kind of like a potluck dinner, some of this and some of that. My potluck is your potluck.


Welcome to Your Potluck!

As a recent transplant to the East End of Long Island,
I've been overwhelmed by the beauty, bounty and history of the region.

The East End as it is called. That's the North and South
Forks at the tip of the island is not what most people
think of when they think of Long Island.
And while part of the South Fork makes up "The Hamptons" with its beautiful towns and beaches, there is also the North Fork with its world class wineries and farmland.

Along with the old whaling town of Greenport, 
Montauk's historical lighthouse and fishing industry, there's Riverhead, a once vibrant shopping town that is now seeing a resurgence.

I could go on forever and I hope to. This site is a place
for me to share my experiences, discoveries, thoughts
and recipes with other people interested in the region.                  
Think of this site as a sort of potluck of sorts.    
Food,  history, news, information and hopefully 
good stories.  I hope you enjoy my potluck mix of
musings and meanderings. And if there's something
you're interested in learning more about out here, let
me know and I'll check it out for you. Email me at            

   This is Your Potluck!

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